Foam Rubber Mat

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Published: 13th August 2012
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Foam Rubber Mat

Foam rubber mat is a must for the today gym and recreational centre. Exercise has always been related with hardness where you need to develop your muscles. The gym is usually associated with men with big muscles lifting very heavy objects. In the modern world, everyone needs to exercise; this is for both the male and female. We all go to the gym to exercise and keep fit; others go to the gym to cut weight or as a hobby. The whole process does not need to be rough; the environment should be comfortable enough for the exercise
Uses of the foam rubber mat

Some of the uses of the foam rubber mat beside the gym use are in the home. The mat can be made in smaller interlocking jigsaw which can be used by children for education and play. The pieces are elastic enough for a child of any age who can move to fix and unfix the pieces. The foam rubber mat makes the best material because the children can create the mat into various shapes and sizes and play on the mat besides using it for educational purposes.

Foam Rubber Mat
The materials that make up the foam rubber mat

The foam rubber mat is made of rubber and PVC. With the environmental issues in the air, the materials are made using biodegradable materials so that the material can be decomposed or recycled when it is worn out due to poundings if it is in the gym. The foam rubber mat comes in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses depending on the intended use for the mat. Because it is made or plastics and rubber, the mat has to go through standardisationís before it can get labeled fit for use. Some of the standardised certifications for the mat are: ISO9001, CE , TUV , EN957. You need to check for at least one of the certificates at the time of purchase. The foam rubber mat is made with sponge on the inside with and a PVC covering to protect the sponge inside. The mat comes in various colours. The buyer has a wide range of colours to select from depending on their test. In most cases the lower side of the mat is ribbed to allow free flow of air.
Foam rubber mat

Because the foam rubber mat is made of rubber and PVC which do not absorb water, caring and cleaning the mat is pretty easy as long as proper precaution is taken during use and care. Vacuum cleaning the mat routinely will keep the mat free from dust. When conducting thorough cleaning, vacuum clean the mat, then use warm water and soap. A soft detergent can be used in the place of soap. Mix the detergent and soap, then use a soft material to clean up the mat. Give the mat some time to dry up then wipe it with a dry soft material. Avoid using any object that will leave a permanent mark on the mat.

The foam rubber mat is highly flammable. The materials making the rubber can react to several chemicals. Avoid fire and strongly acting chemicals in the room where the mat has been placed. If the material catches fire, water cannot be used to extinguish the fire. Ensure that the room with the mat has appropriate fire extinguishers properly installed in case of fire. The room should have proper drainage so that water does not seep under the mat. Water seeping under the mat can house microorganisms. The material is made of biodegradable plastics meaning that if the microorganisms reside around the mat, the mat is likely to decay. The area around the mat should be kept as dry as possible.
Installing the foam rubber mat

Most of the foam rubber mats come in interlocking pads for scalability. Instead of buying one large mat, you buy enough pads which can fit a room of several sizes. Measure the lengths and widths of the room so that you can buy pads of the right sizes to avoid the temptation of cutting the pads into smaller sizes to fit the entire room. You can purchase different colours to give the roam a nice outlook or select the same colour for uniformity.

Foam Rubber Mat

When putting the foam rubber mat in your gym, proper care should be taken to give you the best result in usage. You first need to check the drainage system for any leakages in the room. The gym floor should be as flat as possible. If the room already fits the gym standards, then it means the surrounding is ready for installation of the mat. Clean the floor so that there are no particles that can spoil the texture of the mat or scratch it. Remove all the objects in the room before you start fixing the mat, avoid moving things in the room to one corner and rearranging them as you fix the mat from one side to the other.

Once you have pads of proper sizes and the floor is clean, start fixing the pads from one corner of the gym as you move along the room edge. When you are on the other end of the room, move to the second row fixing the pads in a row till you are done fixing the entire room. Confirm again that the all the pads are interlocking properly before you can replace all the facilities in the gym to their right places. Where electricity wires are touching the mat, ensure that the electric wires are not naked. The foam rubber mats have a high affinity for electrostatic charges.

The foam rubber mat will give the gym a nice look besides bringing comfort to those training in the gym. Make sure that the mat is clean at all times. Avoid bringing in anything that will put dirt in the gym or anything that will scratch the gym surface. All the training equipmentís should have smooth ends or covered in the ends to avoid any cuts on your mat. If you properly take care of your mat, you will use it for a long time without need to replace it.

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